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No water in the tap? We'll get it back.

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If we think about it, we rely on a ready supply of fresh water for much of the day-to-day activity we take for granted:
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  • Cleaning
  • Showering/Bathing
  • Laundry
  • Watering Plants and Flowers
  • Flushing Toilets
We turn or lift a faucet handle with utter confidence that fresh, clean water will come out of the faucet. On that day when the faucet fails to respond, it takes a moment to sink in; it takes a moment before we realize how much we depend on the well and pump outside to keep the water flowing and how much it means when it stops.

McHenry Water Well & Pump can solve your water woes.

"Watch the video below and you'll know why you need to call in a
professional to chlorinate, maintain and repair your well.”

At McHenry Water Well & Pump, we’re here to respond to those emergencies. And, if the problem isn’t fixed in fairly short order, it is a real emergency. A fresh-water supply is an essential part of a home today and we’ll get the water flowing again in short order. But, we do have a suggestion.

Rather than wait for your water, well and/or pump to fail, a little maintenance will go a long way. It’s inexpensive, cost effective and necessary. And we’re here to help with that, too. Properly maintaining your well and pump is like taking out inexpensive insurance to ensure that you never lose that vital access to fresh water in your home.

At McHenry Water Well & Pump, we have more than three decades of experience keeping the water flowing. We use only the best parts and equipment when conducting repairs and maintenance on your well and pump. And we take no shortcuts providing water, well and pump services.

With McHenry Water Well & Pump on the job, you can afford to take your fresh water supply for granted knowing that we never will.

Mon-Fri: 7am - 5pm > $75/hr
Mon-Fri OT > $85/hr
Sat (All hours) > $85/hr
Sun (All hours) > $95/hr