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Your Spring Grove well is capped and sealed – why worry about contaminants?

Tue, Feb 13 2018 11 AM
That well cap is vital to your Spring Grovewell and the safety of the water you andyour family drink.There’s a sealed cap on your well out behind your Spring Grove home. The cap sits on top of a pipe that extends down into the ground to your well. Why would you need to worry about water quality?The truth is that contaminants can find their way into your well in more ways than you might imagine.Generally
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Where does groundwater come from? Can you say, ‘Hydrologic Cycle?’

Tue, Jan 23 2018 03 PM
This USGS diagram shows the Hydrologic Cycle. If you want to know where the groundwater in McHenry comes from,look here.Where does groundwater come from? The obvious answer is ‘from the ground.’ But, where does the ground get it? That well out behind your Bull Valley home extends down into the ground and pumps groundwater up so you and your family can use it. It would be nice to know where the
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What are you putting down your McHenry County drain?

Thu, Jan 04 2018 02 PM
Consultant raises the alarm about contaminants in our drinking water supplyWhat is in the well water you drink? The number ofpotential contaminants are alarming.Recently, John Matthesius attended an event for well-maintenance technicians in Nashville. What he heard at one of the break-out sessions was alarming. It has to do with the quality of the water we drink, including the water we drink here in
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The Next Drinking Water Contamination Issue: By Peter S Cartwright, PE

Thu, Jan 04 2018 02 PM
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Have you shown your Spring Grove well a little appreciation with some timely well maintenance?

Mon, Dec 18 2017 02 PM
It's not the snowman who is standing sentry; it's your Spring Grove water well that is dutifully waiting for your call and responding with the flow of water you request. Thank your water well for itsdedication with some maintenance.Looking out the back window into your Spring Grove backyard it’s hard to imagine that, under that blanket of snow is a champion working tirelessly on your behalf. Patiently,
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