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The Next Drinking Water Contamination Issue: By Peter S Cartwright, PE

Thu, Jan 04 2018 02 PM
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Have you shown your Spring Grove well a little appreciation with some timely well maintenance?

Mon, Dec 18 2017 02 PM
It's not the snowman who is standing sentry; it's your Spring Grove water well that is dutifully waiting for your call and responding with the flow of water you request. Thank your water well for itsdedication with some maintenance.Looking out the back window into your Spring Grove backyard it’s hard to imagine that, under that blanket of snow is a champion working tirelessly on your behalf. Patiently,
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Button up your Wonder Lake house for winter, but don’t forget your well water

Wed, Nov 29 2017 09 AM
There's a well cap under that snow somewhere. All goes toshow that winter is no time to find out that your well, wellpump or other parts of your Wonder Lake well systemneed servicing.It’s time to button down the house. Another Wonder Lake winter is coming. Time to take down the screens and put up the storms, drain the hoses and outside faucets, check the furnace and change the furnace filter, check
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Little monsters aren’t Trick-or-Treating – they’re microbes you may find in your Spring Grove well water

Mon, Oct 30 2017 02 PM
These little monsters are kind of cute but you wouldn't likethe microscopic monsters you might find in your SpringGrove well water.It’s almost Halloween and check out these little monsters. The monsters? No, these aren’t the adorable little monsters you’re accustomed to Trick-or-Treating at your Spring Grove door. One looks like a hairy jelly bean – no eyes, ears or mouth but it does have tendrils
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Why does my Wonder Lake well water smell?

Wed, Oct 04 2017 02 PM
If your Wonder Lake well water smells bad, the well may needsome maintenance.All this warm weather makes it nice to be outdoors. You can take a walk through your Wonder Lake neighborhood, place some hoops, place with the kids. Whatever you do, you’re liable to want a nice cool drink of water. Is this the part where you get a bottle of water out of the fridge because, well, the water from the faucet,
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